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St. Barts Rentals & Activities

Though St. Barts is known more for its cuisine than outdoor activities, a wide array of St. Barts rentals will tempt any gourmet away from the restaurants for a fast-paced day in the sun. St. Barts rentals available include boat charters, watersports equipment, and rentals of the wheeled variety, all of which provide the opportunity to explore what natural wonders St. Barts has to offer.

One of the most popular St. Barts rentals around is the windsurfing board, a sport that has caught on and grown in St. Barts in recent years. On St. Barts, rentals hover in the area of US$20 per hour; expect to pay about double that for a lesson to be included. St. Barts rentals of this water-bound nature also include jet skis and waverunners. Scuba diving is another exciting activity bound to keep people busy on St. Barts. Rentals of scuba equipment can be arranged by one of a few scuba operators on the island, who will generally organize a lesson and excursion package as well. For a trip on the water minus the wet suit, St. Barts rentals of small yachts or cruisers can be planned for a day through sailing centers at the harbor in Gustavia. Fishing and trips to neighboring island are favorite itineraries for these sorts of St. Barts rentals. Prices for St. Barts rentals of boats vary widely depending on the length of trip, size of ship, etc., but most are in the US$200 to $400 range.

Scooters and mountain bikes are ideal for those looking to set their own pace for a tour St. Barts. Rentals are easiest to arrange in Gustavia, and can range in price.

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