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Villa rentals in St. Barth are the perfect home base from which to plan one of many St. Barth island tours available. As the island is quite small, all villa rentals in St. Barth should be within a reasonable distance of the best sites, and seeing some or even all of them in one day on the road is feasible. Setting out from villa rentals in St. Barth for a little do-it-yourself touring shouldn't be too difficult either; navigating the island's steep and winding roads may be slow going, but routes are well-marked and maps are easily procured from tourist sites close to villa rentals in St. Barth and other spots throughout Gustavia.

Regardless of whether you sightsee the island on your own or organize a guided tour, there are several fun spots worthy of drawing you out of your villa rentals in St. Barth to check out. The heart of St. Barth, Gustavia, should be on any list of things to do. Gustavia is in a fairly central location on the island, making it a relatively easy trip from most villa rentals in St. Barth. Its rich history can be explored in a few hours. For a taste of authentic provincial France, visit the tiny fishing village of Corossol, where you'll find a charming museum devoted to shells and sand, and women hand-weaving straw into hats, bags, and baskets. Guests of villa rentals in St. Barth's western half should find this quaint spot with few problems. Locals and people staying at villa rentals in St. Barth both flock to the beach at St. Jean, a must-see gathering spot for families, windsurfers, and bronzing bodies. Lying on this beach can make for a fun afternoon of plane-spotting, as the occasional island-hopper carrying a new load of guests bound for villa rentals in St. Barth passes just overhead.

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