St. Barts Map

Map of St. Barts

St. Barthélemy is a small island, just 8 square miles (21 square km), forming part of the Leeward Islands of the northeastern West Indies. This map of St. Barts shows the irregular shape of the island, which is less than a mile across at its thinnest and just a few miles across at its widest. Creating pockmarks around the shores of this St. Barts map are several coves - or anses - where soft beaches give way to calm water inlets. The map of St. Barts is ringed nearly entirely with sandy-white beaches, save for some rocky shores like the one at Anse a Toiny.

The population of St. Barts, mostly descendent from the original French settlers and numbering in the few thousands, is centered predominantly in and around the capital of Gustavia, visible on this St. Barts map on the southwestern shore. The remainder of its people are scattered in small towns throughout the island, in and around the low-lying hills that dot the interior of the St. Barts map.

St. Barts Map (click map to enlarge)

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