St. Barts Securiy

Home Rentals in St. Barths - Security & Health

Crime is very rare on St. Barths, so visitors should have few concerns here while enjoying their villa and home rentals. In St. Barths, if there were any security issues to be wary of petty theft would top the list, though even that occurs infrequently and is easily prevented. Guests at home rentals in St. Barths should make use of safes if theirs is equipped with one, or else carry valuable like cash and passports with them at all times, being careful not to leave them unattended at beaches or in unlocked rental cars. Many home rentals in St. Barths have staffs that are in the house at all times, and these professional aides are usually the most trustworthy and honest of all vacation accommodations.

Health issues while holidaying at home rentals in St. Barths generally don't get any worse than the effects caused by a powerful Caribbean sun. If guests are spending a lot of time outside their home rentals in St. Barths during the day, wearing sunscreen and avoiding long hours without shade is recommended. If problems do arise, there are health and medical professionals within easy reach of all home rentals in St. Barths. One major hospital, located in Gustavia, is served by ambulance and fire technicians who will come to the aide of anyone staying at home rentals in St. Barths.

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