St. Barts shopping

St. Barts Shopping

Buoyed by a more sophisticated clientele, boutiques in St. Barts sell just about everything the discriminating visitor might want. Though it is less developed than other Caribbean islands, St. Barts is still a duty-free port, so expect to find good deals on typical luxury goods like jewelry, liquor, and designer clothes. Best of all, because St. Barts is rather small, boutiques and shopping areas are often just a few minutes drive from even the best lodging. St. Barts' best shopping is in Gustavia, but St. Jean is also known for having a good selection of shops.

To find out how local people decorate their own lodging, St. Barts centers for handicrafts in Gustavia are a good place to start. Visit St. Barth Pottery for authentic raku stoneware. On the culinary side of things, residents and tourists head to Match in St. Jean or AMC in Gustavia for the best French cheeses, breads, and meats to fill up the pantry at their respective lodging. St. Barts is famous for its food, so don't miss out on a chance to sample some of its fresh local offerings. For beauty products made from local plants, check out Ligne de St. Barths in Lorient. Gustavia is the best place to find jewelry shops carrying Cartier, Bulgari, and Christian Lacroix.

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