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St. Barts Rentals

Though the island of St. Barts does not cover much area, an absence of public transportation and an unreliable taxi system make St. Barts rentals (car or otherwise) a necessity if any moving around is to be done. Road can be narrow and winding in this hilly destination but, with a little cautious navigation, St. Barts rentals will allow you to explore the island's great beaches, boutiques, and reach that fine restaurant in time for your reservation!

St. Barts rentals are fairly inexpensive and there are many different agencies to choose from. Most St. Barts rentals are found, for convenience purposes, near the airport on the north coast. These include major companies like Avis and Budget, as well as local operators dealing in St. Barts rentals, like Gumbs. From these, average St. Barts rentals will cost in the area of US$50 per day, but prices may vary between seasons. A choice of vehicles ranging from small four wheel-drives, to jeeps, to mini-vans, should be available. The most popular of all St. Barts rentals recently, however, has been the "Smart Car", a miniscule two-seater that makes handling St. Barts' tight corners a breeze. Look for these St. Barts rentals at Smart of St. Barth. For all St. Barts rentals, drivers will need a valid driver's license and credit card.

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