St. Barts weddings

St. Barts Weddings

Weddings in St. Barts incorporate all of the richness you would expect from colonial France, with a measure of hospitality that can only be Caribbean. As a chic and decidedly romantic island, the people here have had much practice pulling off weddings in St. Barts tailored to fit the vision of each individual couple. Barefoot ceremonies by the sea and luxurious affairs on a royal scale bookend the range of St. Barts weddings available. One thing is for sure - St. Barts weddings are professionally orchestrated and destined to be memorable, regardless of how the brides and grooms have dreamt their weddings in St. Barts will unfold.

To be able to hold St. Barts weddings, couples must have at least one member residing on the island for no less than one month. A document certifying this, as well as birth certificates for both couples and certificates of good conduct and single status, must be presented before weddings in St. Barts can take place. Brides and grooms should also ensure they have taken blood tests within three months prior to their St. Barts weddings, the results of which need to be certified on a medical documents. All relevant English-language documents must be translated into French before arranging weddings in St. Barts.

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